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Updated: October 20, 2011

An Endless Well of Fascinating Mysteries
The Doctor knows who River is. But, he still doesn't know what she is.
Characters: Eleven/River, Jack Harkness | Series 6 | Rating: R

Bridal Training
Rose will do anything for her Doctor - including get herself arrested for an outlandish scheme that was all HIS idea to begin with. And it turns out that it's not the only idea he has. And why, oh why, does he expect Rose to read his mind? Men, honestly...
Characters: Ten2/Rose | post-Series 4 | Rating: G

By Any Other Name
He will go on about anything, no matter how intimate the situation.
Characters: Ten2/Rose | post-Series 4 | Rating: NC-17

If you're lost, you can look, and you will find me
She was ready to die to save him. She'd accepted her fate, and her time would come an end in the Library. Of course, the Doctor always has a plan.
Characters: Eleven/River, Ten, Amy/Rory | Series 4/post-Series 6 | Rating: T

He will go on about anything, no matter how intimate the situation.
Characters: Eleven/River, Sarah Jane, Martha, Wilfred | post-Series 6 | Rating: G

Out of Order
The Doctor lies to everyone. Even to River. Especially to River.
Characters: Eleven/River, passing mention of Ten/Rose | Series 6 | Rating: PG-13

Our Own Brand of Domesticity
River Song would never be the Martha Stewart of the 51st century. Actually, she's quite convinced her cleaning crew has put a hit out on her. It really would explain so much.
Characters: Eleven/River | Rating: PG-13

Rose. Red Bike. Twelve, or Not Just Another Bike Story
You all know the line. Rose, the red bike, 12. Except, maybe it didn't quite happen the way it was implied ...
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose, Jackie, Jack | Series 1 | Rating: G

Strangers on a Bus
It's not his time, nor is it hers. But, he still can't quash the craving to be with her.
Characters: Eleven/Rose, Amy Pond | Series 5 | Rating: G

Sunday Afternoon with the Ponds
Amy thought it would be brilliant to have her daughter and her husband have a normal Sunday dinner with her parents. Amy admitted to being quite drugged up on cough medicine when she came up with that.
Characters: Eleven/River, Amy/Rory | post-series 6 | Rating: PG

The Art of Pinstriping
"Yes, but this is artisan pinstriping, Rose! Handmade, one of a kind! Never another like it. Remind me of anyone you know?"
Pairing: Ten/Rose | Series 2 | Rating: PG-13

The Final Journey
Donna and the Doctor make one final journey together.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, River Song | post-Series 4 | Rating: G

The Good Wife
The monks keep trying to save River's soul. Just how naive could they really be?
Characters: Eleven/River | post-Series 6 | Rating: PG

The only flower by the river is the rose
In a bazaar on a far-away asteroid, two women find themselves browsing for ship parts.
Characters: Ten/Rose, Eleven/River | post-Series 6/pre-"Army of Ghosts" | Rating: PG-13

The Surprise
The Doctor has a surprise for Amy and Rory. Oh, did he ever surprise them.
Characters: Eleven/River, Amy/Rory | post-Series 6 | Rating: PG

Today is Where Your Book Begins
After that day, he began keeping a diary to sync with hers ... because it's finally their moment.
Characters: Eleven/River | post-"A Good Man Goes to War" | Rating: G

Wrong Number
When up for her parole hearing, River maintained that this breakout attempt was completely justified. After all, she said, any sane person would do the same thing.
Characters: Eleven/River, Nine, Rose, Jack | during series 1/post-series 6 | Rating: G


The TARDIS makes an unusual landing ... (crossover with Highlander: The Series)
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Methos | during series 4 | Rating: PG

The Magic Within
Rose wanted to believe in magic. She never realize she had it all along. (crossover with Slayers)
Characters: Ten/Rose, Lina/Gourry | during series 2/post Evolution-R | Rating: PG

Time and Death
In New York 2060, a series of corpses appear all with the same strange mark - a chest cut open to reveal two hearts. Eve Dallas is looking for a man she believes is obssessed with creating a medical miracle, but she's not quite sure who's at fault: The strange British man in a pinstripe suit and his companion, or the stranger blonde who keeps appearing and disappearing from each crime scene before she can be questioned. (crossover with J.D. Robb's In Death series)
Characters: 10/Rose, Donna Noble, Eve/Roarke, Peabody/McNab, Feeney, Morris | during series 4, AU after "The Unicorn and the Wasp"/ "Promises in Death" | Rating: R

Two women on the edge of a disintegrating universe
In a timeline that no longer exists, where universes bled together and began to disintegrate all at once, two women found themselves holding cups of tea and recognizing the haunted look in each other's eyes. (crossover with Slayers)
Characters: River Song, Lina Inverse | series 6/Slayers NEXT | Rating: G


Dance Along the Light of Day
Chapter 1
On Christmas Eve, standing in a tattered wedding gown with her life just as destroyed as her clothes, Donna Noble looked the Doctor in the eye and said, "Yes." At that moment, the universe changed.
Characters: Ten/Rose, Donna | series 3 AU | Rating: PG-13

A Little Help from Friends
Part 1 | Part 2
Sometimes, doing the right thing requires a nudge from your best friend. OK, maybe a really big shove.
Characters: Eleven/River, Amy/Rory | series 6 | Rating: PG-13 | Complete

A Merry Chase
Prologue | Chapter 1
When the Doctor arrives to spirit River away from the Stormcage for the first time, he discovers she's already saved herself -- and is bent on driving him insane. She leads him on a madcap chase across time and space as she seeks to discover herself and he accepts what she really means to him.
Characters: Eleven/River, Amy/Rory, Jack, Ianto | post-series 6 | Rating: M | In-Progress


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