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Updated: April 14, 2017

Jumpverse (in chronological order)
These are stories that take place within a chronology that has Luke choosing to go with Lorelai and Rory on their trip to Europe, changing everything from the ending of season 3 onward.

If You Want More, Then Jump
On one screen was his connecting flight to Seattle, to a cruise he didn't want to take. On the other was a flight to Paris, leaving in 90 minutes. He thought of his girlfriend and of the woman who haunted his dreams.
12 chapters | Rating: M | Complete

How to Train Your Dragonfly
Everything's changing. But not all change is bad..
2 chapters | Rating: T | In-progress

Say I'm the Only Bee in Your Bonnet
"If you had a secret daughter, one that just walked into your life after 12-13 years, would you keep her from seeing me?"
Characters: Luke/Lorelai, Rory, Emily | season 3 | T

Why Don't We Steal Away into the Night
“I actually got us out Friday night dinner and booked a room here. We’ve hardly seen each other in weeks, and too many people have easy access to our house. I want to see you strip for me, Burger Boy.”
Characters: Luke/Lorelai | post-season 7 | Rating: M

The Stars Hollow Wi-Fi War
"Oh, no. Don't you know what having a wi-fi router will do to this place? It'll make everyone and their grandmothers just sit here and tool around on their phones and computers for hours and hours. This is a diner, not Starbucks."
Characters: Luke/Lorelai, Taylor, Jess | post-season 7 | Rating: G

No one had known she’d been pregnant other than the two of them at first. “Once” had actually been several years of trying, first traditionally, then with help.
Characters; Luke/Lorelai | post-season 7 | G

Teach Me How to Say Goodbye
Luke took everything about their life as it was at that second and filed it away among his most treasured memories, because he knew it would be a very long time before Lorelai would smile like that again.
Characters: Luke/Lorelai, Emily | pre-AYITL | G
The Accidental Stand-In
It wasn't supposed to be Luke. It was never supposed to be Luke. But there was no one else, and suddenly he was yanking on scrubs and preparing to go into the delivery room with Rory
Characters: Luke, Rory, Paris | post-AYITL | Rating: G

Simple Gifts
Luke didn't believe in Valentine's Day, but he did believe in acts of love.
Characters: Lorelai, Rory, Luke | post-AYITL | Rating: G

Working Through the Unimaginable
"I look at my little girl and see her wandering further and further away from me, and I don't know how to bring her back."
Characters: Luke/Lorelai, Rory | post-AYITL | Rating: G


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