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Word Count: 2,296
Rating: M
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/River, Clara

Notes: This fic takes place after “The Name of the Doctor,” so heavy spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode. But if you have seen it, then this fic is a dose of medicine for you.

Summary: When it was all said and done, he went to the other place he vowed to never go.

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

And as for the finale itself, I have a lot of feelings on it, but I want to muse about River below the cut.

I think this is when the Doctor finally comes to terms with River’s death, the guilt over what happened at the Library, and his feelings for her. He knows he can see her again if he chooses, because she implies it. Spoilers. Yes, that can be that River is letting the Doctor know that Clara is alive. But, I think it’s beyond that as well.

I think this is when the Doctor becomes River’s Doctor. Because he’s accepted his love for her and her death. He can go to younger her and freely love her and be the Doctor that River knows and have the marriage that River remembers and treasures and tells Ten about in “Forest of the Dead.” It’s not over for them. I fully believe she’ll be there when he regenerates.

So, I can accept it either way. If this is River's final appearance, I can accept this, because it was a good ending. But, I also think that Alex deserves the same send-off that Karen and Arthur got at the very least. It was made explicit that this was the end for them. Same way for Billie Piper when Rose's story ended in series 4. Alex's return was so low-key, she even got more publicity when she came back for "The Angels Take Manhattan." I think whenever her final appearance is as River, we'll know about it.
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