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Word Count: 4.843
Rating: K+
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/River, Amy/Rory
Notes: This was a fic I never really intended to write, until kerjenfanfic  tagged me in a post and pointed out had the Angel in the study been stronger, River would had been caught in the same Angel food trap along with Rory. How would the Doctor have handled this? It's an interesting thought, and I decided to tackle this.

All familiar dialogue is not my own, but comes from the transcript of "The Angels Take Manhattan" by Steven Moffat. All hail the Moff. I also wove in several of the scenes that were cut during the editing process that wound up being printed in the latest "Eleventh Doctor Companion." One in particular had the Doctor elaborating a bit more on why the Winter Quay was there.

The story title is from Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time." Second time I've used this song for a fic title, but it fits

Many thanks to Charina and Pam for the beta!

Summary: She waited for him. She would always wait for him. It was the Pond thing to do – to wait, to hope, to believe, to fight. She would always look for a way out, and she would never give up, no matter how much the bitterness in her heart grew. Because she was a Pond.

"I fall behind, but the second hand unwinds"


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