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I'm really sorry I wasn't a better friend, and that I didn't explain what happened and why it happened the way that it did. Do you realize I actually dream about you and what happened quite frequently? I don't know if it's astral projection or a sign to try to resolve this or not. Sometimes, I wonder if it's worth trying again or if you even want another chance.

Even so, by the end, I wondered if you were ever truly interested in me as a friend or not. Since you never bothered to ask what happened, I figured you didn't care enough to ask.
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Yes and no. I met Mike when he wrote me in 2005 to complement me on some Slayers fanfiction that I'd written. We actually tried puzzling out when we became LJ friends, and it was a little bit later. I forget who followed each other first. I think he followed me pretty much from the beginning, then I followed him back. We got to know each other better through LJ, however, there's no disputing that.

[ profile] secondlina and I met through a mutual LiveJournal friend. I forget if [ profile] earthstar_chan and I met through reviews then that same friend or vice versa. I knew [ profile] kitesareevil and [ profile] ely_chan before because they were the ones who got me onto LJ! Julia was the one who gave me my invitation if I remember correctly, back in the day when to get on LJ, you had to use invite codes like Dreamwidth does now. Everyone else reading this I pretty much met through LJ communities.


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