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It looks like a lot of people had a rather "meh" day. On my end, it was just tiring for some reason. I went to bed early last night, and even though I got seven hours of sleep, I spent most of the day wanting to nap. I ran errands to Michaels to get frames for the two front page prints they gave me of the 9/12 front and the Bin Laden front at work, then stopped by one good woman for more chai and headed to Cornerstone Coffee for lunch to script. While at ogw, I picked up this awesome lunch bag, which holds a ton of stuff and is environmenally friendly to boot. I did get in my nap afterward when I dozed off with Kirara purring on my chest.

After fighting with Paypal, I am now the lucky owner of two skeins of Plucky Knitter yarn. I've been wanting to try this yarn out for ages, but it's super hard to get ahold of. It took about an hour of just barely missing sales before I got two skeins of this gorgeous dark green lace yarn. I'm on the toes of the socks I owe someone now, so I should be able to finish them before the yarn gets here.

Mike and I have been getting select issues of the DC 52 reboot through Comixology so we both can read them, and today we got Batman #1 and Catwoman #1. I loved Batman, it was very, very good with both art and story. I'm not quite sure how I think about Catwoman, though it's definitely a reboot for the most part there. Mike loved the end, and I loved his reaction to it. Thus far, my favorites out of the ones we've tried are Detective Comics #1 and Batman #1.

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Edit: I've decided after mulling and reading some reviews that I don't care for the Catwoman issue. Review to follow.
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Nooo! Poor Peekaboo.

And, for some generic shots of the pattern

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Just mailed off Mike's immigration papers. *crosses fingers* Here we go! I hope everything goes well.

And, because a couple folks asked, here is a link to my Facebook.

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