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While I'm visiting Liverpool, Mike's family is throwing a reception for us since none of his family could make it to the wedding. My mother-in-law asked that I, being the brand new family newspaper designer, do the invitations. Back and forth a bit, I get the info from Mike. The reception is on December 3rd at a parish club (think it's a church hall) in Liverpool.

Mike: Do you think Michael and Megan's union is the best thing to say? We've been trying to find out the right words, and I came up with union. Anything with wedding in it implies that we've had a wedding that day, in my mind.

Me: Marriage

Mike: Ok, that's better.

Me: (look at the info again and realizes what day that is) It's our 9-month anniversary that day.

Mike: Holy crap, it is, lol

Me: Come celebrate 9 months of Megan and Michael not killing each other.

Mike: YES!

Me: "Come celebrate the ninth month of Megan and Michael not killing each other in holy matrimony at St. Paul's Parish Club, blah, blah, blah, 3rd December at blah time. We ask that you respect our playing of the Imperial March as the bride and her victim enter the room and to sign the provided insurance waver to cover anything that could possibly happen. The bride has asked for new slippers to refresh her supply, and the groom has simply asked for help. Please RSVP to this address, by phone, email, carrier pigeon or smoke signal."

Mike: Got it. Perfect.

I have a feeling invitation-writing privileges are about to be taken away from us. ^_^


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