Feb. 9th, 2003 12:32 pm


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It figures. One of the only days when I can sleep in and actually get more than five hours of rest and my baka neighbor comes ringing my doorbell.

"I'm so sorry, Megan," Gray goes, while I give him the evil eye. "I was asleep too."

Then why did you wake ME up? Oh well, I suppose I needed to get up. Who wants to lounge around in a nice, warm bed with two purring kittens and a good book anyhow? Not me! No siree! (I don't sound the lease bitter, do I?)

This weekend has been a lot calmer than the previous week. Everyone involved in the debate from Wednesday night seems to have calmed down and work has abated for oh...two milliseconds. I managed to finish my first three projects (getting yelled at for being so late on the final one too) and am now suppose to be working on the next three projects. I will be SO glad when Horizons is finished!!! I have at least four more sections to layout after this, and then I think I'm home free. Actually, no I'm not. As soon as this is done, there'll be the Bridgecrossing Jubilee, Pilgrimage, the Battle of Selma...see why I'm going insane?

I just looked over to see that the cats have turned the space next to my Granny's cradenza into their personal bathroom. As if they can't use the litter box about two feet away? ::sighs again:: Guess this means I should dress and start cleaning.


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