Mar. 24th, 2013

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Word Count: 4,125
Rating: M
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/River, Clara, Jack
Notes: This is the sequel to “The lone and level sands stretch far away”. The ending is inspired by a lovely piece of fanart from okashishii. Many thanks to Charina and Pam for the beta!

Story title is from Maya Angelou’s “I know why the caged bird sings.”

Summary: A real marriage wasn’t all fairy-tale picnics and ice-skating on the River Thames. It had fights and periods of stony silence. It also had times when you watched your husband be smitten with his younger companion and wonder if, despite his pleas to let him make things up to her, that he would be really happy with someone else.

The caged bird sings with fearful trill of the things unknown

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So, I love tea. I also travel quite a bit. You never know when you'll be standing somewhere wanting a nice, hot mug of tea. Or, you'll eat something that messed with your stomach and find yourself rooting through your bag for that packet of chamomile you stashed. Right, you need an emergency tea stash.
There are a few travel tea kits out there. Teavana has one for $25, but that's a bit too expensive and bulky. Then, I came across this blog post. This wonderful lady had created her own travel tea kit by sewing a little boxy pouch from this tutorial. It's little and perfect for tucking into a purse or bookbag.
What you'll need for your travel tea kit:
  • 1 small, boxy pouch (tutorial here)

  • Tea! These pouches will easily fit two of the 2 oz. Adagio sampler tins or a mix of other items. I have nine pouches of tea (chamomile, hot cinnamon spice, and maple) and an old Adagio sampler tin cleaned and filled with DAVIDsTEA chocolate chili chai.

  • Travel filters if you have loose-leaf tea. You can find them at your local tea shop or through a place like DAVIDsTEA.

  • A tiny scoop (optional). If you happen to have a tiny scoop laying about, that'll be perfect. Or, you can use the extra room in your pouch for a small timer, though I use my iPhone for that. Or, just cram in a few more tea pouches if you're going to be away from home for awhile.
Click to see photos of my kit coming together. )


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